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HVAC Systems

Air Conditioner RepairDid you know your HVAC systems can typically account for as much as 30%-40% of the total electricity consumed in a structure? High-Efficiency systems can reduce your energy bills by one-third compared to older systems. The new systems from Goodman and Bryant not only keep you cozy, they reduce your energy bills. We can install energy efficient HVAC systems for residential and commercial buildings.


Size: For the most efficiency your system must be correctly sized. The size of the unity and the area it’s controlling is important, but so is the efficiency and design of the building or structure itself. Renovated or newer homes and buildings – especially with update windows could require smaller heating and cooling units.

Model/Brand: Our experts can discuss with you the differences between standard and high-efficiency systems and the costs associated with each option.

Supplemental Equipment: Depending on your area and building or structure additional equipment could be beneficial to your heating and cooling system. We consider what’s going on in the building day-to-day as this can be just as important or maybe even more-so than the weather outside.

Furnace Repair and Maintenance

When the cold rolls in it’s important to have an efficient, dependable furnace. At Drees Co. our highly skilled technicians can perform regular off-season maintenance, or furnace repair if you notice a problem. Contact us if you’re noticing drops in efficiency/rising energy bill, unusual noises or sounds coming from the furnace. Also, never ignore any signs of a gas leak or carbon monoxide. Be sure to contact us with any questions or concerns and we can schedule a routine furnace check (any time of year) to catch any potential issues before they arise!

Get your furnace tuned up! What if we told you I bought a car and drove it 40,000 miles NEVER getting the oil changed? You’d probably think, well that car isn’t going to last too long without some routine maintenance. You’d be right! Routine maintenance is just as important for your furnace.

Here are some important things we look at during a furnace check:

  • Check the furnace and heat exchanger for cracks or leaks
  • Check for gas leaks and pressure regulation
  • Check and adjust all safety controls
  • Check the pilot light, belts, blower assembly, fan operation, and burners
  • Check the filter, and change if necessary, and the chimney

Air Conditioning Repair and Maintenance

As we mentioned with your furnace. Regular maintenance is just as important for your air conditioning system. Our skilled team can also perform Air Conditioning repair and replacement so that your home is comfortable when the temperatures start rising in those daunting summer months. We can check your air conditioners compressor as well as air handlers, electrical connections and coolant levels. These small things can prevent problems down the road. If you noticed any usual noises coming from your A/C unit or compressor, the unit doesn’t turn on or off, or you don’t feel you’re getting adequate circulation throughout your space – give us a call!

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