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Air Conditioning Repair and Maintenance

Air Conditioning Repair and Maintenance

Air Conditioning Repair and Maintenance

As we mentioned with your furnace. Regular maintenance is just as important for your air conditioning system. Our skilled team can also perform Air Conditioning repair and replacement so that your home is comfortable when the temperatures start rising in those daunting summer months. We can check your air conditioners compressor as well as air handlers, electrical connections and coolant levels. These small things can prevent problems down the road. If you noticed any usual noises coming from your A/C unit or compressor, the unit doesn’t turn on or off, or you don’t feel you’re getting adequate circulation throughout your space – give us a call!

Why Should I Have My Air Conditioning Checked?

Ideally you’d want your furnace checking in the late summer into the fall and then your A/C checked in the early spring. The specifics of what we do during a routine check can vary slightly depending on age and model, but generally we do the following:

  • One of the most obvious things is checking the air filter
  • Take a look at and clean the indoor coil
  • Clean the outdoor coil
  • Look at the condensate pump
  • Provide an overall visual inspection
  • Coolant check when applicable

Routine maintenance is critical to keeping you A/C unit operating at peak efficiency during high demand months. Don’t wait until you notice a problem, these routine checks can prevent many larger problems down the road and prolong the life of your A/C unit.

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