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Electrical Services

ElectricianAfter 80 years of providing great services and top of the line appliances, Drees Co. is proud to announce that we now offer electrical services. Our staff includes master electricians, journeyman electricians, and apprentices. We are experienced in new commercial and residential construction, remodel work, and service work.

Hiring a qualified electrician is critical to ensuring proper installation and peace-of-mind that industry best practices are utilized. Professionally installed electrical is essential to safety and provides ease in any ongoing maintenance. Faulty or improperly installed electrical can result in fire or electrocution. Professional installation is the first step in ongoing efficiency which can save both time and money in the long run.

Drees Co. can also provide electrical system audits and we service and sell Generac brand generators.

Electrical Division Project Photos

Notice Any Of These? Call Us!

  • smells of ozone or burning plastic
  • damage to electrical connections or boxes
  • previous or ongoing issue with overheating appliances
  • wires or junctions that have had contact with water
  • flickering appliances or plugs
  • noticeably loose connections
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