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Dependable Fire Alarm Systems In Carroll, Iowa

Thanks to the advancement of fire alarm systems, gone are the days where the only option for fire alarms is a small device on the ceiling of each room. Sure, this has been a very reliable solution that has kept families and employees safe for years, especially in small homes and offices where the alarm sounding can be heard throughout the entire space. But what about for larger homes, buildings, or campuses where everyone needs to be warned of a potential fire or when to evacuate?

Fire Alarm Systems Installation

Drees Co. offers the most cutting edge fire alarm systems that will not only provide safety for buildings of all sizes, but will also come with a variety of features. Some of these features include:

  • Networked and interconnected alarm systems
  • Systems with both early and immediate warnings
  • Integration with hand-pulls and sprinklers
  • Automatic alerts to the fire department

It may seem easy to simply place a basic fire alarm in each room, but with more advanced and modern options, that may not be the safest or most efficient solution to protect your building and its occupants from fire. Contact us and let us help you find the safest solution.

Fire Suppression & Prevention Services

Along with providing a wide variety of residential and commercial fire alarm systems, Drees Co. also offers the fire alarm and prevention services below to protect your home or office.


Whether you are coordinating the build-out of a new construction or are just looking to upgrade your current system, our certified technicians will handle all of your fire alarm installations.


Both in a restaurant setting and in the home, being able to properly vent smoke from any heat-producing equipment is key to preventing a fire. Make sure your kitchen is safe with one of Drees Co.’s hood suppression system inspections.


If you are technician or professional who regularly interacts with fire alarm systems, such as installation, inspection, and repair, a fire alarm certification is a must, and we are here to help you obtain it.


Having a fire extinguisher available in the workplace is important, but what is even more important is that employees know how to use it correctly in case of an emergency. Keep you and your employees safe by providing them with a fire extinguisher certification.

For more information, to schedule a service, or to sign up for your next certification, contact Drees Co. today.

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