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Fire Alarm Systems

Fire Alarm InstallationMost of us know the importance of having a fire alarm in each room of our home and regularly testing those alarms and replacing the batteries regularly. What about larger homes or buildings? Drees Co. offers fire alarm systems and solutions to provide security to buildings of all sizes.

We can install networked and interconnected alarm systems that can provide early and immediate warnings throughout a building. These systems can also integrate with other methods of fire control and prevention such as hand-pulls and sprinklers. Additionally, it’s possible to automatically alert the fire department.

It may seem easy to simply place a basic fire alarm in each room, but with more advanced and modern options that may not be the safest or most efficient solution to protect your building and its occupants from fire.

We Offer Fire Alarm & Prevention Services

  • new fire alarm installations
  • fire alarm certification
  • fire extinguisher re-certification
  • hood suppression inspections

Gamewell FCI Fire Alarms

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